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A classic fable, tortured monkeys, the witches and rabbit 

Journey alongside Australian designer Ross Didier as he introduces a new chapter in the magical folklore of his iconic FABLE Collection.

A classic fable, tortured monkeys, the witches and rabbit 


March 15th, 2024

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there gathered the forest animals in the blanketed fog of night, somewhere deep within the Dandenong Ranges, on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Huddled together and dressed in their finest, the wolf, the goat, the rabbit, the crow, and the fox met where the old Oak tree grew, each with a tiny lantern to guide the way and light their thoughts.

They had heard for days through the nervous whispers of mistletoe that the Wicked Witch of the East was back spreading fear and oppression throughout the woods. They had heard she was disguised as an average middle-aged guy, wearing standard industry shorts, basic charcoal Tee, work boots of an apprentice and a few tats.

She’d grown bored of her flying monkeys having clipped their wings in the gilded cage, so this time she was using false wooden idols; four-leg single-horned minions, coloured in with Textas, and spread them throughout the country to enforce her rule – tricking and terrorising the people of Oz.

Back in the woodland clearing the Golden-Oboe was softly blown towards the ground and rippled widely over the forest floor. All the animals were being called as one: from the treetops and branches, from the hollows and nests, from the earth holes and plains – hundreds they did come.

When assembled in silence it was Rabbit who finally stepped forward, ascended the rock stairs, and stood on the tree stump to talk ……

“Fear not my furry and feathered forest friends because today we have heard from the highest hill tribes that a Good Witch has arrived and on our side. She is strong, true, and gentle, and here to help. To protect us from her might she has revealed herself as a beautiful and charming young man, wearing smart tradie shorts by Prada, bright ruby slippers with black & white stockings, and sporting ‘Gone with the Wind’ tattoos.

She has bought with her beautiful, fabled creatures to stand with us in battle, and protect us while we ride. Four legged demigods with double horns, built from the original Oak and decorated in the purest of colours.”

“Today my companions, the power of a legendary Fable will tell the story of How the Best was Won! ”


Explore the FABLE Collection below

“Beautiful, fabled creatures built from the original Oak and decorated in the purest of colours.”
“Bright ruby slippers with black & white stockings, and ‘Gone with the Wind’ tattoos.”

FABLE Think Simple

“Fable is crafted from solid oak timber within a simplified aesthetic and return to the original principles.” 


The classic Fable chair takes its place at the table with an unassuming simplicity that conceals its masterful timber construction.

Bar Chair

With its unique back rest detail, Fable Bar Chair’s proud form makes a striking bar or bench-side companion.

Low Stool

Bringing the milking stool to the present day as a portable side table or casual seat, Fable’s iteration complements any setting.

High Stool

Sit smartly on the Fable High Stool, a comfortable perch with a sturdy step to rest your feet on.

Dining Armchair

Accommodating arm rests and a distinguished profile make the Fable Dining Chair a most welcome dinner guest.

Lounge Armchair

Ease into the outstretched arms of Fable’s Lounge Armchair and enjoy the warmth of solid oak.


Open and airy, these finely crafted oak shelves are the considered backdrop your treasures deserve.

Floor Mirror

Pleasing proportions and a confident minimal appeal reflect the skilled work concealed within Fable’s Floor Mirror.

Table Range

Available in a variety of sizes to suit large or intimate gatherings, these timeless tables are carefully crafted invitations to share in the joy of good food, good conversation and good company. Whether your style leans more towards the square or circular, Fable’s bar or standard seated height tables provide a perfectly poised place to rest your beverage.

FABLE Oak Cabinet Range

The warmth of oak ensures FABLE’S three cabinets become an understated showpiece in their own right. Petite yet functional, the Small Boy is a helpful sidekick for your lounge or bedroom, while the robust Tall Boy provides ample space to feature your favourite belongings. Rounding out the trio with a contrasting horizontal profile, Long Boy provides a practical, tactile solution for storage in fine style.

Fable was first hand made comprising of six essential utilities: a spoon, a bowl, a stool, a chair, a table, and a storage cabinet.

Six essential elements pared back to bare original character.

These typical elements are also represented in traditional children’s tales and seem to conjure belief that a woodsman has simply stepped outside, chopped down a tree and hand carved these functional objects – the simplicity of this setting typifies cottage craft, and each object is created uniquely from materials that seem immediately accessible from just outside the door.

These myths have been reinterpreted and designed for modern day utility. Fable is crafted from solid select white oak with difficult manufacturing details disguised within a simplified aesthetic and return to the original design principals.

The Fable oak family has now been extended to include a range of stools, armchairs, lounge chairs, open bookshelves, tables and mirrors.

Fable Outside range introduces the collection for exterior use; the matching character fabricated with aluminium, stainless steel and moulded sand cast seats, with each piece toughened up for braving the harshest of elements.

FABLE Oak collection at the Old Collingwood Technical College | Photography: Shannon McGrath

FABLE Oak chair and bar chair.

FABLE Oak chair, lounge chair with seat-pad and dining armchair.

FABLE Oak dining armchair and lounge chair.

FABLE Oak lounge chair with upholstered leather seat-pads.

FABLE Oak low stool and high stool.

FABLE Oak low stool, bar chair and high stool.

FABLE Oak high stool and bar table.

FABLE Oak bar table bar chair.

Osteria Oggi – Studio Gram | Photography: David Sievers.

ARU Restaurant – Kerstin Thompson and Figureground Architects design | Photography: Ari Hatzis.

SUNDA Dining – Figureground Architecture & Kerstin Thompson Architects | Photography: Ari Hatzis.

The Courtyard House – Figr. Architecture | Photography: Tom Blachford | Styling: Ruth Welsby.

Viet Next Door – Genesin Studio | Photography: Jonathan VDK.

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