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Indesign Webinar Series: Design after Distancing

New webinar series featuring industry leaders taking place every 2nd Wednesday.


With change occurring at break neck speed these days, things are not the same as they used to be.

Always leading the pack, Indesign Media Asia Pacific presents our new Indesign Webinar Series, a visual and auditory exploration of design in all its manifestations.

As our lives transform into the new normal, Indesign Webinar Series will be at your fingertips to help inform you every step of the way. Presenting diverse and expert opinions on a variety of market segments, our live information sessions will investigate, inform and of course entertain.

Our first series of six sessions entitled ‘Design After Distancing’ will focus on the how design might change and what the future will bring for the education, health, retail, hospitality, workplace and multi-residential environments.

Each session will feature a variety of architects, designers, professionals and experts from our community, each with alternate experience and different perspectives proffering their ideas and commentary on this extraordinary time in our lives.

Will everything we know about design today change or will it stay the same? What changes might happen? If change occurs what will this mean to architects, designers, clients, business and Government?

With so many questions to ask, Indesign Webinar Series is here to help find the answers.

First session will run 12.30 Wednesday 13 May and fortnightly thereafter for an initial six sessions in total.


Facilitated by Jan Henderson, Acting-Editor of Indesign magazine

Jan Henderson is currently the acting-editor of Indesign magazine. Her previous roles have included associate publisher at Architecture Media for three years, co-editor of inside magazine and Interiors editor of Architel.tv for the past six years. As Principal of Henderson Media Consultants she contributes to various architecture and design magazines, is a regular speaker at events and has participated as a juror for industry awards. Jan is passionate about design and through her different roles supports and contributes to design in Australia.


Upcoming Webinars

Working and our Health

Wed 13 May

How does the design of our hospitals best equip those who work in them to help those who use them? How will the design of our hospitals and aged care facilities be effected and what needs to change or be adapted?


Changing Interior of Workplace

Wed 27 May

How do we envisage our workplace post COVID 19? With many employees having worked from home and generally successfully, does that infer that we downsize our offices and how would we do this?


Educating Futures

Wed 10 June

Education has been one of the few sectors that has maintained a presence throughout our time with Covid 19. Open for business and supporting fewer pupils has been a necessity but can the design of our schools be smarter, contracting and expanding as needs dictate?


What’s Next for Hospitality?

Wed 24 June

How will our restaurants and cafés change? Will we still dine out or will we go to the take out window or perhaps the window will become our night out. Or perhaps going to restaurant will be an occasional occurrence instead of the every day routine that has been. What does that mean for design?


Let’s Talk Shopping Malls

Wed 8 July

Shopping, a national past time that has suddenly taken a rest. How do the large shopping mall operators see the future and how will architecture and design adapt to meet the new requirements?


Multi Residential The High Life

Wed 22 July

Multi residential living has become the norm as we reach for the stars with our homes. However will our desire to live in close proximity to others change? Will the design of foyers, public spaces and shared amenity require a re-design and what would that look like?


Past Webinars

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