Mafi natural wood floors are hand-crafted in Austria with no chemicals. Mafi floors feature an all natural finish and deliberately disassociates itself from varnish and the plastification of wood, this ensures the timber can breathe and in turn filter the air promoting improved indoor air quality and a healthy room atmosphere. Unlike many other timber floors on the market, there are no chemicals used ensuring NO VOC's in a mafi floor. Each floor features a unique construction ensuring no cupping or warping, and a hard wearing surface ideal for both commercial and residential application. Mafi timbers are guaranteed over underfloor heating and in bathrooms. Mafi is a proud partner of the National Asthma Council of Australia's Sensitive Choice Program.

Mafi offers a wide range of natural wood floors with over 15 different species of timber and various natural oil finishes. Mafi offer a very innovative range of textured and carved timbers as well as end grain flooring and curved timbers.

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mafi natural wooden floors stand for naturalness, quality, design and service. The flagship store is located in Salzburg, and the mafi international headquarters are in Schneegattern, Austria.

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