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The 15 characteristics of successful design businesses

What makes one studio stand out from another? Sure the design itself plays into it, but there are also other things to consider… like these 15 characteristics.

merging an architecture practice

Merge ahead: More insights into merging your practice

In a previous article, Rob Peake of Management for Design weighed up whether merging your practice is a worthwhile venture. With a resounding yes, he unpacks next steps to make it happen.

To merge, or not to merge your design practice?

Should you merge your design business? It’s a big decision and can come with plenty of pros and cons. Robert Peake shares some of the thinking behind one of your biggest business decisions.

Make strategy happen

Strategy. It takes time and effort but the payoff is well worth it. In a new instalment from Robert Peake, we find out the barriers to executing a clear and achievable strategy for your design business.

Leadership insights from Rob Peake

Leading a design business

The business of running a design practice requires ongoing focus from the business leaders, yet this is something that’s often neglected in the process of servicing clients and delivering projects. In this article, Rob Peake investigates what’s required to sustain and build a successful design business and how this differs from just creating brilliant design.

12 reasons why design practices underperform financially

Robert Peake, founder of Management for Design, shares the 12 things that contribute to your design practice underperforming financially. Some of them may just surprise you.

Running your own practice? Here are some growth strategies you should consider

In a new series we’re launching here on Indesignlive, we’ll be regularly hearing from Robert Peake, the founder of Management for Design.

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