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Introducing the INDE.Awards Prodigies for 2021

They are young and talented and leading the pack! The INDE.Awards Prodigy stands out from the crowd and makes a unique contribution to the world of architecture and design.

Fundamentals of Acoustic Design & Airborne Noise Control

In this whitepaper we take a look at how we perceive sound, and the various rating options we use to define acoustic performance.

A Celebration of Eminence

The INDE.Awards Luminaries and Wilkhahn come together in celebration of our industry’s icons

LAAB Architects winner of The Design Studio 2020 INDE.Awards. Photography by HENRY T.C. & Otto Ng.

Applauding the Practice

Within the INDE.Awards the extraordinary projects that are designed by practices throughout our Indo-Pacific region are generally front and centre, however, one category seeks to champion the creatives themselves – meet The Design Studio.

What makes an Influencer in architecture and design?

With just a few days to go before the INDE.Awards closes for 2021 there is no time to waste in entering The Influencer.

INDE.Awards entries extended to April 1st!

Get your photography ready and your project details in order, because you’ve got until April 1st to enter INDE.Awards 2021!

stack zachary hanna nau in room

Objects of Desire

Objects shape our lives as they bring beauty and function to our existence. Every year, through the INDE.Awards, we are privileged to showcase new iterations of objects that vie for the title of icons of the future. Great design is timeless and within The Object category there is the opportunity to present object design at its very best.

Living together, high and low

Multi-residential living is the way of the future and whether you live in Hong Kong or Mumbai, Melbourne or Singapore good design makes all the difference to our lifestyle and wellbeing.

The World of the Workplace

Work is integral to our lives – it sustains and informs us and ensures connection with colleagues and the broader community, if not the globe, and The Work Space category in the 2021 INDE.Awards showcases the very best in workplace design.

The Space For Living

Our homes are the places that nurture us and The Living Space category in the 2021 INDE.Awards presents the diversity and inspirational designs of homes from around our Indo-Pacific region. How we live informs our lives and design can make that both an exciting and a dynamic experience.

The Future is Now

With a new category in this year’s INDE.Awards, there is the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the architecture leaders of the future. The Graduate seeks to bring to the local, regional and global stages students and their schools and highlight the innovation, imagination and artistry of the next generation of architects.

Learning for the future

To learn is to grow and the space in which we develop is paramount. The Learning Space category in the 2021 INDE.Awards provides an opportunity to showcase design in education at its very best.

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