Didier brings creature comforts to commercial contexts

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August 16, 2021

Make yourself at home (but at work) with Puffalo Universal Group – the new range of modular commercial seating from Didier.

Over the past 18 months work and study have become an ingrained function of our increasingly hybrid home spaces. But, as workplaces and educational facilities continue to open up, there is a growing need to bring that essence of home-like comfort into commercial spaces.

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Puffalo Universal Group from Ross Didier of Didier furniture design studio is a new modular program which is conceived to do exactly that. Following the widely successful launch of the luxurious and voluptuous Puffalo lounging, Didier has translated the same softly rounded, residential notion of comfort into a collection for commercial settings. This, with the unique intention to enable Puffalo users to feel liberated and empowered in professional and educational contexts.

“I believe in a space that makes you feel as free or as genuine as when you are at home,” says Didier. “I wanted to create that through a furniture collection that could be translated into multi-functional commercial spaces. Puffalo Universal Group was designed to encapsulate that feeling of being in your own home space element, a safe-haven where you can be purely yourself and empowered to be your best.” 

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Puffalo Universal Group has been created to enable a relaxed commercial environment that is just as appealing as a home setting; it comprises a selection of compact, modular pieces designed with considered ergonomics, quality support and premium comfort in mind. From free-standing sofas and back desks, to ottomans, tablet tables and a range of privacy screens, designers can create various combinations arranged specifically for the space they are working with – whether they’re after a smaller pod or a large communal area.

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The modular character of the range makes it incredibly easy
 to sculpt the space, creating unique, practical and aesthetically appealing commercial geographies. “Puffalo Universal Group allows you to landscape your own interiors,” explains Didier. “I like the idea of furniture being able to help enrich conversation and spark the imagination, and I like the idea that modular furniture can be enjoyable to build.” he adds.

The same modularity that empowers designers to freely structure the space, offers an opportunity to be easily modified and pivot to new requirements – a timely response to the dynamically changing needs of a fluid, contemporary office, and an excellent tool for any designer who strives to create flexible, sustainable and future-proofed interiors.

The stylish fusion of the comfortingly rounded form of the Puffalo lounge range, the modularity of the system and the versatility of available elements and finishes results in an inviting, relaxed and exciting space that encourages comfort, creativity, freedom and collaboration – and that is just as appealing as the most enticing residential setting.