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Say goodbye to long lead times on customised commercial carpet tiles

Milliken-Ontera, a leading supplier of commercial carpet tiles and flooring, introduces Milliken Couture – a streamlined, client-focussed customisation process that delivers design concepts in just four days, and full production in three weeks from the date of order.

Say goodbye to long lead times on customised commercial carpet tiles

For more than three decades, Milliken has designed and supplied sophisticated, bespoke flooring and carpet tile solutions to the commercial markets of Australia and New Zealand. Over this time the company has not only introduced ground-breaking innovative technology that broadens the scope of aesthetic possibility, but also become a champion of customer relations. Drawing on the advantage of having a locally based manufacturing facility in Sydney and combing this with a steadfast co-operative approach, Milliken has established itself as a market leader in terms of client satisfaction, speed, and flexibility.

Milliken Couture

Now, with the introduction of a new streamlined design process, Milliken has taken another large step forward. Called Milliken Couture, this latest initiative is intended to simplify and strengthen the lines of communication between client and manufacturer; to standardise the path from idea to finished product, fine-tune responsiveness to client expectations, and deliver customised commercial carpet tiles as quickly as three weeks.

Incorporating products made using Milliken’s digital dye injection technology PrintWorks™, the Milliken Couture customisation process involves four well-defined and simplified stages: CONCEPT, DESIGN, REFINE and PRODUCE.

Stage 1:  CONCEPT

This stage is all about you, the client. It’s about letting Milliken know what type of carpet tiles you would like for your environment; and turning this vision into reality. The CONCEPT stage involves forwarding a digital submission of your idea accompanied, if you wish, by a digital concept and any other inspirational visuals.

Alternatively, if your vision for the end product is not yet clear or you need some assistance to get the creative solutions flowing, Milliken has a pre-existing collection of designs for you to modify as you wish. Either way, this initial stage is all about meeting your aspirations. Whether that is a simple colour tweak, or a fully customised design. The focus here is on inspiration, exploration, and communication.

Stage 2: DESIGN

The DESIGN stage involves the design team reviewing your requirements as set out in the CONCEPT stage, digesting them, and incorporating them into a series of design proposals. These generally include variables like colours, project specifications and patterns.

Importantly, Milliken has various visualisation techniques at hand to ensure you are provided with an accurate sense of the finished product. These include high-quality 3D room scenes and 2D floor plans that showcase the positioning of the flooring design in relation to layout, as well as seaming diagrams that point out exactly where the carpet tiles will lie on the floor plate. 

Stage 3: REFINE

As the name suggests, the REFINE stage is an opportunity to give the design a final look over and, if necessary, give it some finishing touches. All that’s left at this point is to provide your approval and wait for samples, which will carry all specifications, texture, colouring and so forth.

The standardised nature of the Milliken Couture process, combined with the proximity of the company’s manufacturing facility in Sydney means that these three steps, from CONCEPT, DESIGN to REFINE (including the production of samples), can be completed in just four days with no corners cut and no client aspirations left unmet. The strength and simplicity of the process means speed is maximised.


Having proceeded through all steps of the Milliken Couture journey and taken advantage of the opportunities to consider, modify, and re-tweak design options, you can be confident that the final stage, PRODUCTION of your commercial carpet tiles is ready to proceed. The turnaround for all stages of Milliken Couture, from CONCEPT to PRODUCTION? Just three weeks.

The introduction of this latest initiative only elevates Milliken-Ontera’s standing as a leader in customised carpet tile solutions in all sectors of the market. A streamlining of process and bolstering of communications, it represents a significant milestone for the company – a redoubling of its commitment to its clients and a reinforcement of its ability to deliver fast, flexible customised carpet tile solutions.


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