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Our team knows there is a point and purpose to everything in design and architecture. We make it our business to explore every aspect of what our best designers are up to, who they are, and how they do it. And we make it our mission to do it first.

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Quarterly themes for 2018:

The ‘Work: Life’ Quarter
February - April
Main Focus: Workplace

As work adopts a more flexible, ‘blended’ format, and life interfaces more closely with digital interconnectability, we explore the new frontiers of workplace design, and reflect on the impacts to everyday living formats.

‘The Information Age’ Quarter
Main Focus: Education

Education spaces have never looked so exciting, nor felt quite so engaging. Design has been instrumental in transforming the way we learn, teach, engage and interact in an educational way. In this quarter we feature the most outstanding education spaces out there, and consider the implications these spaces have on the future of education.

The ‘Design Relish’ Quarter
Main Focus: Hospitality

Hospitality design is significant for its role in shaping the way we socialise and interact, work and relax, eat and drink, and engage with sensory experience through space. In this quarter we explore the very latest models of hospitality and consider how they reflect design intent and shape user experience.

The ‘Future Perfect’ Quarter
Main Focus: Health

In an age where 70 is the new 40, and healthcare is all about restoring a sense of wellness and vitality, Indesign explores the role design plays in shaping the spaces in which we experience sickness and health. It’s all about feeling ‘Future Perfect’ – the ultimate ‘well being’.

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