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When great design brings the home office to life

In this new edition of The Indesign Edit, the founding and managing director of CULT, Richard Munao speaks about the importance of great design within the home-workplace as we take a look at the brand’s extraordinary offering of iconic furniture pieces.

Tapping into perennial potential

Modular design has been a lynchpin of Vola since Arne Jacobsen designed the iconic Danish tapware brand’s first products, c.1960s.

Revamp the WFH routine with your very own ‘Ready-To-Ship Home Office’

Change up the daily routine! CULT’s new ‘Ready-To-Ship Home Office’ offers three dream setups to take your work from home experience to the next level.

Design Greats From Denmark

Denmark has a long and proud history of producing global leaders in architecture and design. VOLA, through its On Design series, is revisiting some of these design greats and their most iconic achievements.

Louis Poulsen Brings Back The Smallest Member Of The AJ Family

Louis Poulsen celebrates Arne Jacobsen’s iconic lighting fixtures with a reissue of the AJ range, including the AJ Minis, which have been released in a range of special edition colours available exclusively for 2020.

The Making of a Legend: How The AJ Family Became An International Design Icon

Louis Poulsen acknowledges Arne Jacobsen’s influence on the international design industry and his contribution to bringing simple, functional and distinctive lighting design to the modern interior as it expands the iconic AJ Family further.

Bathrooms via the golden age of Danish design

Danish design has an unmistakable allure, from the simple functionality to the Bauhaus inspired aesthetics, there’s a reason the term in synonymous with good design – and since 1968, Vola has been an inescapable party of that story.

The relaunch of Pot – a 1950s classic

Arne Jacobsen originally designed the Pot lounge for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1959. Today, the lounge chair is relaunched from Cult.

A tribute to the architectural masters of Danish design

International company, VOLA continues to honour the remarkable artistry of Arne Jacobsen with products that pioneer the conversation of bathroom aesthetics around the world inspired by the Danish way of life and timeless, exceptional craftsmanship.