Day Two – IDL

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October 10, 2009

Day two at Cersaie 2009 see Ali take a trip out to Bisazza headquarters in Vicenza.

Day Two

I have been booked to do a walk-in tour at the Bisazza headquarters.  They chose not to exhibit at Cersaie this year but to arrange for a bus to take people to their headquarters in Vicenza.  

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I didn’t realise until the morning it was a two hour drive but after walking all day yesterday I wasn’t ready to complain.  As we entered the property all I could think was ‘WOW!’.  

The entrance impressed me, so what was to come I can not describe to you.  I would rather call their headquarters an art gallery – well it is – a mosaic art gallery.  

I was given the grand tour, enjoyed a buffet lunch with a few staff members (true Italian hospitality) and then I listened to a presentation given to architects and designers about Bisazza – the company’s background, philosophy, identity, values of the brand and inspiring projects they have completed.  

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Overall, an inspiring company who has design at its core and strives to achieve an amazing mix of fashion with design and flair.  I now want a house with mosaic everything!’¨’¨’¨

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