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Making waves, with sensational stone

Neolith has established itself as a visionary among sintered stone specialists worldwide. What makes Neolith’s interior and exterior surfaces so exceptional? We’re about to find out.

Meet Fast Track® – Custom carpet designs without the hassle

With beautiful, nature-inspired colour palettes, Fast Track® from GH Commercial has made it so much easier to create custom carpets without the hassle.

Cosentino The Edit Silestone Loft Collection: High-Performing Surfaces

The Indesign Edit on high-performing surfaces inspired by industrial aesthetics

Capturing the essence of five iconic cities, the new Silestone® Loft Collection takes you on a worldwide journey of inspired urban living.

This Cosentino x Savage design collab gives us cause to celebrate

From the serendipitous design collaboration that is Cosentino Dekton x Savage Design comes the Pam Table, a modular masterpiece that you have a chance to win!

Blaze of glorious, oxidised metal look tiles

From Rocks On, Blaze is a collection of oxidised metal look tiles that combines unique textures with iridescent effects using porcelain and ceramic.

Carousel 1

A colour carnival: Carousel by Designer Rugs

An exploration of geometry and colour, the newest collection from Designer Rugs is reimagining the way we think about rugs.

Indesign In Focus: Warm Finishes

Nothing beats the texture and warmth of natural beautiful timbers. Featuring woods in any interior is equally good for our wellbeing and the environment when sourced sustainably. This week’s Indesign In Focus brings to you an array of warm finishes.

Walkway to Wellness: Arrow Metal at Gosford Hospital

It is a truth universally acknowledged that nobody ever ‘enjoys’ getting sick. However, it is equally true – but perhaps less often acknowledged – that the future of healthcare architecture in Australia is a bright and exciting one.

Screenwood – Fits Like A Second Skin

Screenwood products are so much more than an architectural lining, as a certain family business in Malvern, Victoria, recently discovered.

The business of luxury: considerations for specifying carpet in the commercial and retail sectors

When specifying carpets for retail and commercial environments, it is imperative to consider critical factors like functionality, performance and style. This downloadable whitepaper explores your specifying options in detail.

Laminex celebrates its new Australian landscape-inspired range

To celebrate Laminex’s new collection of 17 decors honouring the Australian landscape, the team hosted an exclusive dinner event.

Extraordinary from Shaw Contract

With its rich textural patterning, evocative of scenic landscapes, Shaw Contract’s exceptionally crafted Extraordinary carpet tile range invites you to feel the difference in design.

How Screenwood turns down the sound and turns up design

Spread over four levels, the Melbourne Administrative Appeals Tribunal’s new office finishes needed something special – contributing to flow as well as acoustic design. Luckily, Screenwood had the answer.

The designer finishes of Corian

Life, culture, and style change as time goes on. The evolution of Corian colours and aesthetics is no exception and now, innovative colours and patterns take a bold step forward.

Mafi’s healthy flooring

It’s clear that nature has enormous benefits on children, and there’s little doubt that these extend to adults too – this drives the Mafi philosophy.

Schiavello's new ColourLab range

Celebrating Schiavello’s ColourLab

The new ColourLab range from Schiavello, developed in collaboration with Giulio Ridolfo, is a considered palette for contemporary commercial and living environments – and Sydney and Melbourne have celebrated…

Steccawood and the warmth of timber

With STECCAWOOD, Polytec shows that the warmth of a natural wood-style finish is never going out of style.

Redefining the fast food experience

In an increasingly foodie-centric culture it makes sense that more traditional fast food eateries evolve too. So when Adelaide’s Chicken Hub was on a redesign mission, the TK Design team knew to look to Staron

Screenwood at Yamaha HQ

How do you design for acoustic excellence?

The new Yamaha Showroom in South Melbourne needed surfaces that were more than just good-looking – being a musical space, peak acoustic resonance was also required, which is why STUDIOMINT turned to Screenwood.

Designer Rugs and Mr Fräg

The team at Designer Rugs has unveiled and launched an exciting new range with an all-new collaborator – meet Mr Fräg.