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The Krost Vision

As an Australian designer and manufacturer of commercial furniture since 1989, Krost is proud to launch its 31st catalogue.

Celebrating 30 years of Krost

Krost is the go to name for business furniture for good reason – their workstations, tables, chairs and all business accessories have a considered, thoughtful design and aesthetic, and in 2019, the company is celebrating its 30th birthday.

Work, collaborate and thrive with Zak

From Krost comes the Zak chair – a contemporary seating solution that redefines the modern office landscape.

Krost’s eye-catching Jive tables

Jive, Krost’s new collection of tables, desks and bench seating, encapsulates simple, modern and practical design.

Jive: the new eye catching edition from Krost

Jive, Krost’s new collection of tables, desks and bench seating, encapsulates simple, modern and practical design.

Krosts’ office furniture and online expertise

How one commercial furniture company is transcending the divide between digital and print to deliver outstanding content on all platforms.

The Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make For Your Next Commercial Project

With the end of the year upon us, it’s time to get thinking about your office’s New Year’s resolutions for 2018…

Get Up Off Of That Thing! Designing The Millennial-Proof Workplace

Here’s why designers need to think more intelligently about promoting movement for the millennial end-user.

Workplace Design Looks To The Residential World

Wisdom Homes’ new headquarters takes it cues from the residential sector, swapping whites for a more inviting and stylish palette of black and timber peppered with greenery.

The New Kid On The Block: Mazda Macarthur

Mazda has opened an enormous showroom in Campbelltown NSW and no expense has been spared in creating a beautiful, comfortable experience for its customers.

Furniture to Collaborate: Your Guide to Breakout Zone Specification

One of the best ways to improve productivity and collaboration is to create spaces that allow creative collisions. And with the trend towards breakout zones in today’s offices, more of us are collaborating than ever before.

Nude by Nature Boardroom: Krost's Dart Table and Zorro Chair

The 4 Secrets Of The Perfect Boardroom

Your boardroom is the hub of decision making, the place where we choose to wow our clients, and it’s no wonder that it’s the heart of every office.

Krost Sydney Office

Why ‘Paperless’ Might Be A Pipedream

Paper was there on desks in the world’s first office, and it’s there on desks around the world today, still! The ‘paperless’ debate continues to wage war, but we want to know if we’re not looking at going ‘paperless’ in the right way

It IS Easy Being Green!

It’s totes official! Pantone’s colour of the year has been announced! Greenery has officially been named the colour of 2017. And we couldn’t be more chuffed with the choice.

And they say that print is dead… HA!

Build your brand equity. Seduce your audience. And get to market, to market!

Fresh off the press! Krost’s 2018 catalogue inspires and informs

The Krost 2018 catalogue is here and wants to help take your project to the next level! Here we guide you through their comprehensive portfolio of product for 2018.

Are You Sitting? Stop!

The drive for better health across the commercial sector has one big hurdle to surpass: sitting. How can A+D get us up off our seats?

Krost Keywork Display

Who’s Afraid Of Customer Service?

It’s a common gripe that customer service values are not what they used to be. Here’s how to stay ahead of the game.

Results Are In : It’s an A+ for ABW!

So you think you can ABW? Think again. Here’s a bit of a lowdown.

Manufacturing: A Local Secret

How might the national GDP and the deregulation of manufacturing impact the success of your design?


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