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A top to bottom sustainable office: Visy Melbourne HQ

Taking eco thinking to the next level, the Visy headquarters in Melbourne takes sustainability to new heights.

Nikolai Kotlarczyk designs Chapel coffee tables for DesignByThem

5 minutes with… Nikolai Kotlarczyk

Nikolai Kotlarczyk is an Australian designer who now calls Copenhagen home. This connection to the Scandi design capital has allowed him to push his designs into new directions. We catch up with Nikolai to talk latest collections and design community building.

5 minutes with Ben Edwards ahead of Plasticity

Not afraid to break the traditional boundaries of a designer, Ben Edwards of Studio Edwards is in the midst of organising a new design program – alt. material – we chat with him ahead of the first exhibition, Plasticity.

Confetti collection by DesignByThem

Truly fantastic plastic

DesignByThem’s newest collection elevates 100 per cent recycled plastic to a covetable material palette in furniture pieces that are all about colour, form and functionality.

What makes Good Design?

Last week saw hundreds of products across a wide range of categories awarded in the annual Good Design Awards. Here we highlight the projects and products that remain close to our heart – architecture, interiors and furniture.

DesignByThem Michael Wickham Sydney boutiquist

5 Mins With.. DesignByThem On Their 10-Year Milestone

Established in 2007 with the mission to create an Australian design brand, DesignByThem has always aimed to bring together and represent the talent of Australian designers in a collection that is a playful balance of fun and function. Ten years on, let’s see how they got on…

Why We Are Obsessed With Cabin by DesignByThem

Cabin is the latest release by Sydney-based DesignByThem founders Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis – otherwise known by their cool new portmanteau: GibsonKarlo. The new collection of armchairs, lounges, ottomans and booth-style structures uses a series of upholstered log modules, exploring geometric forms to create playful and personable pieces for the office or home. We chat to Sarah and Nicholas about their intriguing design.

It’s time to invest in Timeless Australian Design in 2016

Established in 2007 with a mission to create a distinctive Australian design brand, DesignByThem have proven successful in bringing together some of Australia’s most talented designers to contribute to a pool of quality, playful products.


We often ask ourselves, why wouldn’t you support home-grown design when the product rivals or exceeds the very best coming out of Europe? Such is the case with the new Calf Chair by Chippendale-based DesignByThem. Stephen Lacey reports.