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Designed to intrigue: Breeze embodies monolithic ambiguity

Australian designer, Ross Gardam presents the new table collection of Breeze: where light and design interplay to create an extraordinary furniture experience.

Leading lights of the region

To position today’s design innovations within the longer-term trajectories that shape our region, look no further than the INDE.Awards Luminaries.

Meeting the new needs of our workplaces with Stylecraft

Now is the time for workplaces and commercial venues to showcase the flexibility and agility of office furniture we’ve known and loved all along.

Rigour, Refinement And Value: INDE. Luminary, Ross Gardam

Leading a studio of designers, engineers and makers in Melbourne, Ross Gardam is the author of rigorously considered objects that bring value to people in a noise-filled world.

Ceto: A moment of nostalgia, illuminated

Australian lighting and furniture designer, Ross Gardam unveils the Ceto collection – the brand’s biggest luminaire range to date.

Introducing The INDE.Awards Luminaries Of 2020

They’ve spent years practicing architecture or design with a consistently bold and fearless approach. They inspire others with their skill, insight and foresight. We are honoured to reveal our Luminaries of 2020.

The Place of togetherness and intuitive creativity

Balanced and a natural problem-solver, Place is a new type of lounge – one that is smart, intuitive and brings people together. Australian designer, Ross Gardam invites you to experience a refreshed way of working with the Place collection.

Ross Gardam: Emotion by Design

He is a mid-career designer, but retains the fresh vision of someone just starting out. Meet Ross Gardam, one of the great success stories of Australian design.


New space, new identity for Stylecraft Singapore

Stylecraft and HASSELL’s collaborative legacy of awe-inspiring showroom interiors has breached new frontiers with the new Stylecraft Singapore showroom.

No place like home: Elka Collective by Aplin Creative

Word on the street is that independent fashion brands are investing in bricks and mortar once again. A tour through Elka Collective’s new store by Aplin Creative is visually compelling proof that the reports are true.

Indesign In Focus: Minimal ambient lighting

Whether it’s a commercial interior or a hospitality setting, lighting can create a mood, evoke emotions and entice users to engage with the space. Our Indesign In Focus this week brings to you the best minimal but ambient fixtures.

What’s on at City Central for Saturday Indesign

With Saturday Indesign only a week or so away (yay!), find out all the things happening in the City Central district. It’ll come in handy, especially if you’re looking to plan your travel for the day.

The latest releases from ICFF 2019

The ICFF in New York has just wrapped, we take a look at some of the latest noteworthy releases.

Keith Melbourne giving a talk at Stylecraft for Saturday Indesign 2014. Photo by Mark Gambino.

“The industry comes together as one” at Saturday Indesign

As long-time collaborators and supporters, Stylecraft has joined a growing list of design suppliers that will be opening up their showrooms for Saturday Indesign, 22 June.

“Innovative and awe-inducing” – Announcing INDE.Awards 2019 Official Shortlist

The results are out! We’re excited to introduce you to your INDE.Awards 2019 Official Shortlist. Read on to find out which entries made the final cut.

replica furniture australia

Whose chair is it anyway? How replica furniture took over the world

In the multi-billion dollar business of replica furniture production, we ask the tough questions about what bootlegging is doing to our design industry.

What makes Good Design?

Last week saw hundreds of products across a wide range of categories awarded in the annual Good Design Awards. Here we highlight the projects and products that remain close to our heart – architecture, interiors and furniture.

Are Bowie Bonds the solution to IP issues?

What can design learn from Bowie Bonds?

For many furniture designers struggling to survive on two to five per cent royalties cheques, the recently departed David Bowie delivers a masterclass in ‘get rich or die at Salone’.

INDE.Awards 2017

A look back: INDE.Awards 2017 winners and themes

Your INDE.Awards Official Shortlist for 2018 is about to be announced. We cast our eyes back to the successful entries of 2017. What new directions will 2018 bring?

From the Publisher’s Desk

Another month has whisked by with plenty of action from all corners. Raj Nandan, Indesign Media Asia Pacific’s Publisher, recaps on the highlights throughout the month and what we’re looking ahead to in April.


Want to know what made the spec’ schedule for all our featured projects?


Interior Design: Aplin Creative Project Manager: Nik Drakoulis Builder: i4 Design and Construction   Budget: $80k Duration: 12 weeks   Furniture ‘Prostoria’ Oblique easychair, Meizai.   Lighting ‘Nebular’ Chandelier, Ross Gardam. ‘Attalos’ pendant light, Marz Designs.   Finishes Gather Co ‘Malina’ terracotta tiles, Di Lorenzo Tiles. Solider engineered oak flooring, Aspire Floors. Lime Plaster, Rockcote. Sandstone finishes, Kellyville […]


Architect: Molecule Sydney Project Manager: Kernel Property Builder: Shape Group Artist: Katie Carmichael   Length: 6 months   Furniture ‘Kelly’ armchair, Jardan. ‘Tribute’ coffee table, Zuster. ‘Barrington’ sofa, Arthur G. Workstations, Baseline. ‘David Walley’ stools, ‘Formway Life’ task chair, ‘Caesar’ boardroom chair, Zenith. ‘Lloyd’ armchairs, ‘Billiani Doll’ chair, Café Culture + Insitu. Storage throughout, Planex.   Lighting Pendants, […]


 Architect: Geyer Project Manager: Turner Townsend Thinc Builder: Buildcorp Structural Engineer: Robert Bird Group Services Engineer: Medland   Duration: 2 years   Furniture Thinking Works, Keith Melbourne, Ross Gardam furniture throughout, Stylecraft. Miscellaneous furniture, Koskela, Jardan, Zenith. Muuto, Herman Miller throughout, Living Edge. Hay throughout, Cult. Saba Italia throughout, Café Culture Insitu. Bernhardt Design, Enea throughout, KE-ZU. Fornasarig throughout, Own […]


Architect: Architects EAT Builder: Crown Shopfitters Structural Engineer: KH Engineering Services Engineer: TJ Consulting Furniture Furnished Forever – Stance Stool Cafe Culture + Insitu – Doll Chair Lighting Ross Gardam – Polar Wall Lights Ambiance Lighting – Various LED Profiles Finishes EARP Brothers – Cement Encaustic Tiles Formanova – Feature brushed stainless steel / Raw Stainless […]