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staron solid surfaces

6 projects featuring Staron Solid Surfaces as the star spec’

Championing solid surface applications that go above and beyond the benchtop, Austaron is calling for submissions for the 2021 Staron Design Awards.

Transform spaces with Kaynemaile ceiling features and interior screening

Kaynemaile architectural mesh pushes the boundaries of what is stylistically possible, resulting in transformative ceiling features and interior screening for any space.

Acrylic Couture puts glass in a whole new light

From Austaron Surfaces comes Acrylic Couture – an all new way of creating beautiful and sleek surfaces for interior projects.

The Beauty and Function of Staron Solid Surfaces

Manufactured by Lotte Chemical from natural minerals refined and blended with acrylic resin, Staron Solid Surfaces are truly a world-class surface.

Staron® in Quasar White is used extensively in the fit-out of, in Switzerland, by Zaha Hadid

The go-to surface material for creating sculptural spaces

The need to create curves in interior projects can be tricky – but thanks to the limitless opportunities of Staron, this doesn’t need to be the case.

The surface solution for demanding retail environments

Retail surfaces are put under plenty of stress on a daily basis – from constant contact to spills and more. Thankfully, Staron is up to the job.

Staron® brings texture and elegance to The Whistle Dixie Café & Bar

Designed by Ellivo Architects, The Whistle Dixie Café & Bar in Queensland is a vibrant urban café with a captivating charm and high-performing surfaces by Staron®.

Antimicrobial surfaces from Staron: A solution to cross-infection

From Austaron surfaces comes the Staron® Evermoin®, improving upon the original Staron® surface is versatile and ultra hygienic, a gamechanging surface solution for healthcare workplaces.

Austaron Surfaces announces exclusive Australian Mario Romano Walls representation

The custom surface experts at Austaron have expanded their already impressive collection through a new partnership with California’s M.R. Walls.


Staron Design Awards 2019 winners announced

Staron Design Awards 2019 shines a light on the designers, architects and students who have used Staron products in exceptional applications.


Reach for the Staron

This January Staron Solid Surfaces has added three new colours to its existing range: Terrazzo Venezia, Supreme Flux and Supreme Noir Concrete.

Advanced surface solutions for healthcare: Staron Solid Surfaces

At the Frankston Private Hospital, Staron by Austaron Surfaces impresses with its ability to be moulded while also ensuring toxin-free, non-porous and hygienic work surfaces.

From flat to fantastic: Monolithic Wall cladding with Staron Solid Surfaces

Eco-friendly, versatile and seamless, Staron makes for a stunning wall cladding option for indoor commercial environments.

How Staron set the stage for stegosaurus

Staron isn’t just for homes, businesses and retail outlets, as the UK Natural History Museum discovered when staging a colossal dinosaur skeleton.

Beautiful surfaces that are kind to the environment

In any design with surfaces, the functionality and aesthetics are at the front of our minds – but there’s more to design than this. Staron surfaces kick all of these goals while also considering environmental sustainability.

Staron Design Awards 2019 Open for Entries

The 2019 Staron Design Awards are now open for entries! Designers, architects and students, it’s time to get creative.

Creating curved surfaces with ease

Fine curved surfaces are a hallmark of modern, considered design. Whether for the office, retail, hospitality or more, Staron has you covered.

Retail surface solutions for the 21st century

Retail surfaces require a special touch. The demanding world of high traffic retail design needs a hardwearing surface, and Staron is up to the job.

Designing food surfaces for health and style

Food surfaces are tricky ones – they need to be healthy and bacteria resistant, but aesthetics can’t be forgotten either…

Announcing the Staron Design Awards 2018 winners!

The 2018 Staron Design Awards are done! After countless entries and hours poured over the details, these are your 2018 winners…


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