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Connecting People: Creative Commercial Stair Design

Presented by Active Metal

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September 1st, 2020


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Session Synopsis:
The aim of this presentation is to give architects and designers an understanding of the role of creative stair design in modern commercial buildings and fit-outs. Are stairs simply a historical construction designed to vertically move human beings from level to level? Is there a social benefit to stair design? Is there a health benefit, and what does the WELL standard require?
With many new buildings under construction, and fitouts being completed in older buildings, how can you ensure that your stair is compliant with the regulations? Do we even know what regulations govern what aspect of stair design? We will answer these questions and develop some best practice applications of the regulations in the real world. We touch on the role of a specialist stair design consultant especially with spiral stair designs. Outlining the need to understand how all aspects of stairway design can work together for a superior user experience and outcome, we’ll also explore recent case studies.
Wrapping up with a look at the future of stairs in a post-COVID world, this presentation will provide the listener with enough of a degree of knowledge and confidence to approach the creative design of stairs with an improved level of understanding.


Key Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this presentation you should be able to:

  • Identify what are the key regulations that govern stair design and why they matter
  • Identify and define what makes a creative stair design
  • Evaluate and apply knowledge of key regulation requirements and their best practise application to future projects


AACA Competency Standards related to this session:

  • Design: Conceptual Design 3.2, 3.3, 3.7
  • Design: Schematic Design 4.1, 4.4, 4.6
  • Documentation: Detailed Documentation 5.1, 5.3


Presented by:
Gavin Williams, Project Design Consultant, Active Metal

Since joining Active Metal in 2007, Gavin has acquired a wealth of technical and hands-on knowledge in design and construction. As a Director of Active Metal, Gavin heads up Business Development and Project Design Consultancy at Active Metal, playing a key role in the company’s ongoing strategic market
focus in the field of commercial stair design and construction. Building and fostering enduring collaborative relationships nationally, his passion for quality outcomes is well-known throughout the industry and has resulted in many successful stair projects. Driven by a genuine belief that pre-construction consultancy leads to superior outcomes, Gavin’s passion for pragmatic engineered solutions, fused with a keen attention to detail will continue to see his influence grow in the stair design space. Whether in stair design consultancy and feasibility engagements, or providing direction, support and influence throughout a project delivery lifecycle, Gavin is committed to ensuring superior results for all stakeholders.


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