Dynamic Design for the Modern Office

Ollin, from CBS is a dynamic monitor arm designed to react to the modern technological advances of office life.

Ever moving and changing day to day, the business world is never static. The modern workplace needs to reflect this in both its spatial design and fit out options. Cloud computing and the use of hybrid laptop tablet computers are more popular than ever so how we use computer screens and work day to day in the 21st century requires a different approach to the past.

Unique, responsive and expertly designed, Ollin is a dynamic monitor arm that encourages users to interact with technology and each other as seamlessly as possible. Ollin from CBS has been designed to react to modern technological advances that have seen screens becoming lighter and more compact.

Another advancement in modern workspaces is the prevalence of dual screen working. With Ollin’s easy adaptability, it is able to support this shift in working styles with a dual screen mount. This mount can be attached to the main arm with no need to provide a separate arm for each screen, which keeps expenditure to a minimum.

The elastomeric properties of Ollin, means that the arm can accommodate weights up to 9kg, and as trends develop and screens become lighter, Ollin is positioned to grow with a business’ developing needs.