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Sibling Rivalry or Familial Love? Either Way, with BSH, Design is the Winner

The alarm clock rings. Time to get up, prepare the coffee and make breakfast: warm the bread rolls in the oven, and fetch the chilled orange juice, butter and jam from the refrigerator. Maybe mix a smoothie and prepare some scrambled eggs, all while quickly throwing the old laundry in the wash. Scenes such as this unfold every day in households – no matter where you are in the world. Home appliances should help make everyday life easier for us all.

The demands on these helper appliances have grown – these days it’s no longer enough for the refrigerator to chill or the oven to heat. It’s about the changing requirements of our everyday lives, about forward-looking technologies, and about aspects that impact buying decisions such as design and material, and especially about energy efficiency and sustainability.

This is exactly where BSH comes in. There are four children in the BSH family; each characterized by a set of principles and beliefs as unique as their users. There’s Bosch – the classic one; Siemens – the smart one; NEFF – the social one; and Gaggenau – the luxurious one.

Bosch (the classic one) for example, is a brand that would “rather lose money than trust,” as founder Robert Bosch once famously said. Bosch is the one who helps you turn your home into the place where everything goes according to plan. Where you can leave the complexity of the world behind and just enjoy simple sophisticated solutions. Where everyday life is made easier by appliances that are intuitive to use. This 130-year old is nothing if not reliable, and has won more than 300 international design awards in the past five years – more than any other appliance brand in history.


Siemens on the other hand (the smart one) is best known for its exciting possibilities through technological advancement. This highly intelligent, progressive brand is your best friend for smart cities and their modern living spaces. Siemens excites its discerning users with technologically pioneered, architecturally designed appliances that enhance life experiences. Imagine – touch controls that anticipate your every need, automatic meals with a few simple touches, ovens that cook 50 per cent faster, responsive self-thinking rangehoods, pre-loaded dosing for 26 washes. If this is you, you should get to know Siemens – you guys might hit it off.


While NEFF (the social one) is not technically the eldest of the BSH siblings, it is the longest standing brand with a primary focus on cooking. NEFF is a brand dedicated to those who simply love cooking. Born in 1877, NEFF is a major cookaholic, who wants nothing but to bring together people and food. This 140-year old socialite is inspired by intuitive design that delivers features you won’t find anywhere else to make cooking, baking and washing up easier, to ensure that other passionate foodies enjoy their kitchens even more. Innovations such as the Slide&Hide disappearing oven door, the CircoTherm special hot air system and the TwistPad removable, magnetic control knob for your cooktop all demonstrate NEFF’s love of creating great food together with family and friends.


Finally, we have the eldest BSH child, Gaggenau (the luxurious one). 334 years young, Gaggenau is known for one key thing: bringing professional culinary culture into the high-end, luxurious domestic environment. Gaggenau is an avant-garde aspiration. Part artist, part engineer, Gaggenau is known for being authentic, sculptural, present and generous with its users. Born in the Black Forest in 1683, Gaggenau is a global luxury brand inspired by the requirements of leading professionals and top chefs, designed with originality and hand-finished to give its products a sense of soul. It is the world’s most exclusive, luxurious and valuable cooking experience you will ever encounter.


Though they each have their own distinctive identities, the BSH siblings each share three key commonalities that the BSH family is well-known for: simplicity, clarity and reliability. And while they might approach this in different ways, the BSH family goal is always the same: to give rise to innovations that invigorate and ensure better quality of life – whatever that might mean for you.

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