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Like ‘a piece of art on the floor’ – Lorena Gaxiola’s bold and colourful carpet collection

This exciting new carpet design collaboration by GH Commercial with interior architect and product designer, Lorena Gaxiola, blends artistic flair and uncompromising precision.

Interior architect and product designer Lorena Gaxiola has made a name for herself across the globe for her bespoke approach to design. Her studio presents full and considered design solutions that stem from an innate understanding of the end user and the way spaces are lived in. It is perhaps no surprise then, that when a recent project wanted her to specify carpet manufactured in Australia, she was on the lookout for a company who could offer a unique approach to specification.

Enter GH Commercial: a global flooring leader with local manufacturing and a commitment to high quality, beautiful flooring solutions. As a company with a close relationship to designers and specifiers, GH Commercial were open to providing a solution to Lorena’s particular challenge, offering to manufacture her designs to through their precision injection dye technology, Designer Jet®.

Inspired by the ease and success of this first project, Lorena and GH Commercial have come together once again to produce a full collection of designs in various colourways under GH Commercial’s Feltex brand, known for stylish and well-crafted commercial carpets. Set to launch in September 2023, this new collection is an ode to deep collaborative bonds and the magic that can come out of two like-minded powerhouses.

The collection itself is more art than carpet, works inspired by dream interpretations and Lorena’s Mexican roots. Each piece is etched in memory and imbued with meaning while still being accessible enough to be used across an array of project verticals and design styles.

Colours across the spectrum are on offer in the Lorena Gaxiola + Feltex collection, opening up possibilities for civic and workplace adaptations right through to hotel design and multi-residential buildings. Print sizes also vary between the pieces, creating endless appeal for minimalists, maximalists and everything in between.

Consistent across each creation however, is a level of precision and detail that is unique to GH Commercial. Printed locally in Geelong, Victoria with their pioneering “Designer Jet®” technology, the carpets have been able to capture the fine strokes and intricate detail of Lorena’s pattern work, transcending the carpet into pieces of art for the floor.

Lorena Gaxiola is joined by GH Commercial’s National Commercial Sales Manager Joel Williamson to explore the process behind the collection, unpacking the inspiration, the origins and the technology that has enabled them to produce a collection that takes artistic collaboration to a whole new scale.

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