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Wellness takes the front seat with Stylecraft and Haworth

Celebrating the shifting nature of work and the timeless notion of wellness, Stylecraft and Haworth partnership is enhanced by an introduction of the official stock program of innovative workplace furniture with short lead times.

Wellness takes the front seat with Stylecraft and Haworth

While the modern workplace experiences a broad range of dynamic and transformative shifts, a steady focus on wellbeing continues to underpin the changing landscape of work – and maintain the notion of ergonomic design at its heart. Whether it’s a home office, a local work hub or headquarters in the CBD, how we work – and how focussed, motivated and healthy we stay in the process – is unequivocally tied to the quality of the surface we’re resting upon.

Recognizing the innate significance of this concept, Stylecraft and Haworth take their partnership in Australia to the next level with the introduction of a stock program featuring a selection of task chairs and a workstation, with swift lead times of 2-4 and 6 weeks respectively.

Stylecraft and Haworth
Zody Task Chair and HAT Elements Workstation

The collaboration between the design-led Stylecraft and research-orientated Haworth started in mid-2021, when one of Australia’s leading providers of commercial workplace, hospitality, educational and residential furniture became an Authorised Haworth Dealer. Sparked by the desire to better service corporate clients and design firms in Australia, the next step on the joint design journey is anchored by the work Haworth has been doing with the Human Performance Institute in Western Michigan over the last decade. With their focus firmly set on the exploration of the crucial relationship between the user and a seating surface, the team behind the endeavour analysed over 5.5 billion high resolution pressure points – an invaluable data Haworth engineers were then able to apply to the new collection. 

A result of this commitment, the stock program boasts a collection of advanced task chairs designed to enhance wellbeing, and a sophisticated workstation to serve a broad range of requirements.

Tune in with Fern

The Fern Task Chair is the prime example of this science-based, user-centric innovation. One of the signature models now available with Stylecraft in Australia, Fern has been engineered to embrace the invigorating quality of motion.

Responsive and aligned with the movements of the person utilising it, Fern’s unique design makes for a unique and holistic experience – which, just like the modern workplace, is driven by the notion of fluidity. This flexibility is made possible by the Wave Suspension​​™ system. Concealed within the chair’s beautifully designed, simple back, this core mechanism is the epitome of science, engineering and innovation that powers the ground-breaking seat.

Designed to embrace change, Fern’s distinct silhouette is an abstract visualisation of the structure of a fern. The seat is supported by a centred spine called Stem™, with a series of Fronds™- each engineered to support a different area of the back – extending out of it like leaves. The Cradle™ overlays the other two core elements, collectively ensuring the ultimate comfort and effortless support. Pinnacle of scientific research involving world-class physical therapists, Fern offers a much better upper back support compared to other task chairs in the category.

Stylecraft and Haworth
Fern Task Chair and HAT Elements Workstation

Zody Task Chair: One of a kind

Zody – Haworth’s most renowned work chair – doesn’t fall far behind where wellness is concerned. Quite the opposite, in fact. Anchored in the same premise of scientific research, Zody Task Chair has been designed to prioritise the comfort and wellbeing of the end user, alongside a sustainable design profile. And in the same way Fern’s flexible form has been engineered to embrace change, Zody has been created to nurture personal choices, prioritise comfort and ensure scalability.

The signature commitment to research underpinning all of the available task chairs has also meant that Zody is the first task chair to feature Pelvic and Asymmetrical Lumbar® (PAL). That means it’s the only chair offering passive pelvic support and patented user-selected asymmetrical lumbar support system.

Stylecraft and Haworth
Soji Task Chair

The research-driven combination of features makes Zody the versatile – and good looking – all-around chair that will bring a sense of refined elegance and comfort to any workstation or boardroom.

Apart from the Fern and Zody Task Chairs, the stock programme includes a few more highly relevant choices. The highly adjustable Soji Task Chair offers more ergonomic options than most chairs in its class, which means it’s a wonderful option for a broad range of people, spaces and modes of working. The Aloha Active Task Chair has been designed to provide a more intuitive seating experience. The chair features a ground-breaking weight-activated mechanism engineered to maximise seating experience without compromising quality – or comfort.

Lastly, as the perfect accompaniment for the advanced range of the work chairs, the stock programme also features the HAT Elements Workstation. In line with the design of the task chairs which lean into the idea of movement and flexibility, this full line system can be scaled up or down in response to a broad range of requirements. The sophisticated product can be easily integrated as part of an existing workplace fit out, enhancing the intuit character of the space, and the ability to switch between the adjustable sitting to standing height positions.

This comprehensive and well-thought out selection of research-based workplace pieces demonstrates that firm focus on wellness can drive highly-accomplished design outcomes. In that, the Stylecraft and Haworth’s stock programme aims to accommodate not only the shifting requirements, needs and preferences underpinning the idea of a workplace – but also the fast turn-around times designers often work with.

More details about the strategic partnership between the two renowned brands, and the workplace furniture pieces included in the stock programme, can be found on Stylecraft’s website.





Soji Task Chair
Soji Task Chair

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