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Flindt Garden: Outdoor Light by Night, Organic Sculpture by Day

Developed by an award-winning designer Christian Flindt in collaboration with Louis Poulsen, Flindt Garden’s sculptural appeal and glare-free illumination will enhance any outdoor setting – whether it’s a sleek hotel rooftop or a cosy residential garden.

Flindt Garden: Outdoor Light by Night, Organic Sculpture by Day

Emulating the subtle elegance of fine, tall grass combined with the organic simplicity of bamboo culm, Flindt Garden‘s uncomplicated silhouette encapsulates incredible craftsmanship and lighting capabilities explicitly designed with outdoor settings in mind. A true epitome of Louis Poulsen’s ‘design to shape light’ philosophy, the fixture’s geometry appears etched out through a careful process of unearthing the source of light and uncovering the smooth, asymmetric carving that serves as a reflector.

Lighting, furniture and industrial designer Christian Flindt

An extension of Louis Poulsen‘s Flindt family, the latest addition joins Flindt Wall and Flindt Bollard as a natural progression of the line into the outdoor spaces spanning beyond the urban settings. In keeping with the Flindt family aesthetic, the new lighting fixture is a scaled-down version of the existing bollard – and as such, it produces a similar, wide kind of light. The light source is hidden away at the top of the carving, generating downward-facing illumination which – reflected off of the carving’s rounded surface – creates a pleasing, organic shape on the ground below. Combining both direct and reflected illumination, the lamp creates a soft, pleasant glow and subtle shadows.

Two available sizes cater to a plethora of lighting opportunities. The smaller one is 345mm and the taller one – 695mm. Both dimensions prove useful depending on the intended purpose or surrounding environment – the lamp can illuminate a pathway or create accents of light in flower beds. However, the new fixture’s customisation options don’t end there. The lamp is available in two colours – the warmer corten and more neutral aluminium – and offers various degrees of LED colour temperature at 2700, 3000 and 4000K. The fixture is modular and provides a range of installation options that cater to diverse surface requirements. Both the tall and the short version share the same head – with the difference in height between the two variants coming from the size of the post available in two distinct dimensions. The lamp can be installed using a spike, anchor or base plate – and it comes with an adapter unit which, once installed near an energy source, can power up to six lamps.

Flindt Garden’s sculptural and elegant form means that the lamp isn’t a perfect addition to an outdoor space solely because of its lighting science. As gardens and outdoor environments are often appreciated during the day, the visual appeal of outdoor lights is as essential as their lighting capabilities. The recent addition to Flindt’s family doesn’t disappoint. A combination of direct and reflected light creates soft, subtle shadows when turned on, while the uniquely engaging geometry of its shape comes to life in a playful blend of sunlight and shadow when the lamp is off.

The sculptural appeal of Flindt Garden, the soft, pleasant light it produces, and the convenient, modular set-up make the lighting fixture a perfect choice for a broad selection of outdoor settings. From charming gardens and alluring flower beds to commercial outdoor dining areas and hotel rooftops – Flindt Garden is an outdoor light that offers a distinct look and extraordinary ambience, whether it’s illuminating a pathway or creating localised islands of light. And like the rest of the Louis Poulsen Garden collection, it makes the spaces easy to navigate, explore and enjoy.

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