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Understanding Corrosion for Structural Steel – Sustainability through Durability

Presented by Remedy Asset

Understanding Corrosion for Structural Steel – Sustainability through Durability

Session Synopsis

Corrosion – defined as the irreversible degradation or destruction of steel that occurs as a result of a reaction with its environment – has significant negative consequences, including property damage, high remediation costs, and even structural failure. According to research by the Curtin University of Technology, it may cost the Australian economy upwards of $30 billion annually.

The good news is that much of this cost is avoidable. As it stands, a lot of damage is caused by the use of substandard materials, poor workmanship, a lack of knowledge or insufficient attention to corrosion protection during the design phase of projects.

The best way to minimise the problem, in other words, is to employ sound corrosion management practices. But how should specifiers go about this? How are they able to tell whether their particular projects (or particular parts of their projects) are susceptible to corrosion? And in what circumstances should they seek the advice of a corrosion expert?

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Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation you should be able to –

  • Define ‘corrosion’ and outline both its causes and negative consequences.
  • Explain why effective corrosion management equates to improved sustainability.
  • Outline the environments and parts of buildings that are most susceptible to corrosion.
  • Outline how micro-environments can affect rates of corrosion.
  • Identify the legislative framework surrounding corrosion and assess its effectiveness.
  • Identify circumstances in which specifiers should seek the advice of independent corrosion experts.

(Project Initiation and Conceptual Design PC28, PC31; Detailed Design and Construction Documentation PC39, PC41; Design Delivery and Construction Phase Services PC56)

CPD Documents:

Access the CPD Questionnaire: CLICK HERE

Download the CPD Answer Sheet: CLICK HERE

*Please remember you are required to attend the full hour of the presentation in order to receive your formal CPD Certificate.
*You don’t need to submit your questionnaire, please keep on file for your records.
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Justin Rigby, Managing Director, Remedy Asset Protection

Justin has extensive experience in the Protective Coatings industry developed over 25 years and is a NACE CIP lecturer, Icorr Level 3 inspector, Level 2 Bridge Inspector and serves as Chairperson of two of the Australasian Corrosion Association’s Technical Groups. Justin has authored a number of papers for publication in prestigious journals and has presented at international conferences and in Australia with regard to concrete protection and coatings technologies. He has a passion for project delivery and his focus is on introducing efficiencies and building team based strategies with enhanced performance and cost benefits for Clients and their suppliers.

Dr. Rob Francis of RA Francis Consulting

Rob Francis has over 40 years’ experience in corrosion and protective coatings. He is an expert in corrosion and its mitigation, especially in the area of protective coatings for steelwork for atmospheric environments. He is a member and chair of a number of Australian and international Standards committees, including those responsible for AS/NZS 2312.1 on the selection of protective coatings and AS 4312 on Australian corrosivity zones. Rob has authored or co-authored over 40 technical papers and is committed to reducing the impact of corrosion through education, training and provision of practical, real-world information.

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