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Louis Poulsen and six decades of Poul Henningsen Classics

2018 marks 60 years since Danish designer Poul Henningsen gave the world the iconic PH 5, PH Artichoke, and PH Snowball lights, redefining modern illumination.

Chatting with Karen McCartney ahead of DESIGN Canberra’s Enrico Taglietti symposium

DESIGN Canberra’s Enrico Taglietti symposium is chance to assess the architectural work of one of Canberra, and Australia’s, most important design voices. IndesignLive sits down with speaker, architecture expert and writer Karen McCartney ahead of the symposium…

Three cheers For Churchie: How design can support new cognitive behaviours

The Centenary Library at Anglican Church Grammar School (QLD) supports nuanced cognitive behaviour for staff and students alike.

To the heart of learning: reshaping the early educational experience at St Andrew’s College

The Wilson Architects-designed Learning Hub at St. Andrew’s Anglican College represents a new approaches to educational best practice in design.

Welcome to the beyond: EDITION 2018 is here

Find a world wherein the challenging and contradictory collide. Where allure enjoins surprise. Where beauty beckons the uncommon. Find EDITION.

How Ortho became a modern tapware icon

When Phoenix Tapware launched the Ortho range, the industry saw a rare combination of tradition, extraordinary design and optimum functionality coming together. In short, this was a launch of a modern icon

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