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Indesign Luminary: Frank Bauer

In the artfully designed modernist workshop in the back garden of his home in inner-suburban Adelaide, Frank Bauer – internationally recognised jeweller, industrial designer, light artist and kinetic sculptor – works in a colourful world all of his own making.

Indesign Luminary: Jennifer Taylor

Architect, scholar, teacher, writer and critic of international standing, Jennifer Taylor is almost without peer in Australia. An authority on contemporary architectural history, she is known for her rigorous academic standards, her passion for architecture and her generosity of spirit – a contribution that has been recognised in recent years through numerous prestigious awards.

Indesign Luminary: Linda Gregoriou

Not all dirty words have four letters. Take ‘property developer’ for instance. Mention them and an image tends to spring to mind of a ruthless, hard-nosed older male, a profit-junkie in soft-soled, bright white shoes. They’re expectations property developer, Linda Gregoriou, loves to confound.

Indesign Luminary: Andrew Parr

He still isn’t forty years of age, yet Andrew Parr’s achievements already outstrip those of many another career. He is best known for his elegant and exquisitely detailed interiors. But he has also designed furniture and, with his restless creativity, there may be more careers still to come.

Indesign Luminary: Carl Nielsen

Bruno munari once curated an exhibition dedicated to the “unknown industrial designer”, an acknowledgement of all those fine but anonymous designers whose work has shaped our everyday world. Now in his mid-70s, Carl Nielsen has never been exactly anonymous, but as a key figure in Australian post-war Industrial Design and design education, he is probably not as well known as he ought to be.

Indesign Luminary: Michael Bryce

A principal of the international design firm, Minale Bryce design strategy, Michael Bryce has been a leader in the design establishment in Australia for over thirty years, energetically representing and promoting the interests of Design to his clients, government, business and the industry.

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