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Tickled Pink: Lucy Folk Sydney by Tamsin Johnson Interiors

PLAYA by Lucy Folk has landed in Sydney. Just streets back from Bondi’s iconic shoreline the new space comes at the hands of friend and interior designer – and Habitus cover star – Tamsin Johnson.

BY Holly Cunneen

February 15th, 2017

It’s nice to be surrounded by creative people. It’s even nicer when you can join forces. Just ask Lucy Folk and Tamsin Johnson of Tamsin Johnson Interiors. Friends since childhood – “We grew up basically next door to each other,” says Lucy – they joined forces, brought their individual but complementary styles and talents together and have brought us PLAYA by Lucy Folk, located mere moments from Bondi iconic beach on Gould Street.

Lucy was in Europe at the time she acquired the store and although that meant she and Tamsin had to work remotely it also meant there are subtle design nods to European design concepts throughout the store. “But in our own way,” she’s quick to point out. And she’s made a considered effort to reinterpret her points of inspiration for the new setting, so that she’s not producing a carbon copy of anywhere else. And if the colour palette looks familiar, it should: “When we’re describing the shop we always say Barragan pink,” says Lucy. “He’s such a huge influence, I’ve always loved his architecture.”

A lot of the design cues within the store directly reference her previous work and design history. The taco-shaped drawer handles and doormat reference a once reoccurring silhouette while the clothing racks provide copious amounts of texture – as do the concrete walls – with their beaten copper framework to reference her more current pieces.

Fun-size sculptures are cased within seemingly floating cabinets, on and around which much of Lucy’s jewellery is displayed. The sculptures are raw yet refined to complement her finer pieces as much as the louder ones – and really let them be the hero.

The floor itself is quite impressive, made up of layer upon layer of resin, a little bit of sand (referencing the store’s location as well as bringing texture underfoot) and a final finishing coat. Look down and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re standing on a glass floor above the turquoise sea.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle – one that turned into an equally impressive design note – was a low ceiling in an already spatially challenged site. A linen-lined ceiling was agreed upon as a result. It doesn’t quite extend to the corners leaving just enough room for strip lighting to be tucked behind and allude to a floating ceiling. “We wanted to soften the space because there are a lot of hard surfaces,” adds Lucy.

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