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SID17: Have You Voted For The Project Yet?

Ever since its inception, The Project always sets a keyword or theme that forms the brief and dictates the concept of all installations. The 2017 keyword and theme this year was… CLICK – It’s the power of instant connections. Here are this year’s entries… it’s going to be a close one!


SID17: What Did We Learn At WorkLife?

At this year’s CPD-Accredited WorkLife series sponsored by Flokk, we tackled some of the design industry’s most poignant and controversial topics. Here’s what we took away…

The Sex Pistols, live at Cain's Ballroom Tulsa US tour, Original Photo: Lynn Goldsmith, 1978

What Can Design Learn From The Sex Pistols

With little to no discernible talent or musical ability, The Sex Pistols became one of the most powerful forces in modern popular culture. No ads, no radio play, no major media – and only a working band for two years. They galvanised the fury of their Monarch-hating, Thatcher-loathing generation and lead the anarchist crusade with a spikey-headed army of passionate disciples in their wake. When was the last time design made you feel like that?


Can Design Teach You To Live Better?

From residential to consumer-based design issues, the CPD-accredited LiveLife seminar series is your gateway to a more considered life in design – for you AND your clients!


Meet Bookmarc – An Online Architecture Marketplace

Bookmarc is an all-new marketplace for the design industry, allowing architects to generate revenue from completed projects.


Get Unyoked And Start Your Own Private Getaway

Get off the grid, disconnect and have your own tiny getaway — but this is no hotel.

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